Bodies Renewed
Rejuvenated Body, Renewed Spirit

About the Practitioner

Lisa Traylor


My belief is every person deserves very personal care.  

You will never feel rushed or get a routine massage.

I truly care about every person that i work on.


Why am I a Massage Therapist?

Having had several neck injuries, i suffered from severe migraines and neck/shoulder pain. i like so many others tried pain medication, chiropractic care and accupunture.  Those treatments didn't really help me long term.  Then while pregnant my Doctor suggested i get a massage for my pain since i could not take anything but tylenol.  I did and was hooked.  I at that moment knew, this is what i want to do.  Help other people in pain.

There are few things in my life more gratifying, than bringing someone out of pain and into deep relaxation.